Why Learn To Drive Anyway?

  • Learning to drive is an experience that stays with you Forever
  • Learning to be a Good driver could be what makes Forever last a little longer.
  • Learning to Driving with a Driving Insstructor is fun! Learning to drive can affect just about everything you do
  • Everything you do can influence the way you drive
  • Your Job
  • Your Family
  • Your Social Life
  • And it can be Great Fun...

Why choose Pass With Paul?

Professional Driving InstructorProfessional
Teaching by a qualified (ex-BSM) experienced instructor.
Accessible, Learn to Drive near to home, shcool or workAccessible
Lessons can start and finish from your home, school or work within a 7 mile radius of Redditch.
Structured Driving TuitionStructured
A course individually tailored for you, to cover all aspects of the Theory, Observation and Practical tests.
Safe in the hands of a Professional Driving InstructorSafe
Progress can be made at a pace with which you feel comfortable.
Proficient - become a skilled car driverProficient
Driving is not just about sitting behind a wheel. Learn about hazard perception and road craft.
Appropriate Driving Lessons to suit the Individual no matter what your ageAppropriate
Whatever your age and experience we can tailor the course to fit your need.
Understanding Driving InstructorUnderstanding
Find out what is required from you, not only to pass your test, but to be a good driver.
Learning to Drive with an Experienced Qualified ProfessionalLearning
Make this an enjoyable learning experience with the right instructor for you.

When choosing a Driving School for YOU - consider this...

Q. When you pass your test will you drive a Diesel car?

A. Probably not, so why learn to drive in one?

You learn to drive in a modern Renault Clio Most National and Independent Driving Instructors now use Diesel cars because they are more economical to run, but they are not as flexible and as forgiving to drive as a Petrol car. So when you pass your test the first thing you'll notice is that your car handles nothing like the car that you learnt to drive in!

With Pass With Paul Driving School you will be driving in a modern PETROL Renault Clio.
Did you know?

If you passed your Test after 1997 and you want to tow a trailer or caravan then you will need to pass a DSA Car and Trailer Driving Test - otherwise you could get prosecuted for driving without a valid licence!