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You having been a driving instructor for sometime how do I know that you are up to date on current methods and requirements?
Qualified Driving Instructors are required by the DSA to take regular Check tests to ensure that they still meet the requirements and that their standard has not fallen, my most recent test was August 2008.

What do you have to offer that is better than Driving Schools which appear to be less expensive?
When you take driving lessons with me you are being taught by a fully qualified instructor – this is not always the case many driving schools use trainee driving instructors. You will spend the majority of the time actually driving yourself under instruction from me – some instructors spending a considerable time talking to you - bear in mind you will need on average between 45-50hrs driving experience whilst under professional tuition to reach test standard this could therefore involve a lot more than 45 -50 lessons and so may not be cheaper overall.

How much notice is required to cancel a lesson?
48 hours otherwise a charge will be incurred.

Are you flexible with the times of my lessons?
Yes as much as I can be.

Is it possible to use my own car for my Driving Test?
It is possible.

Will you instruct me using my own car?
Yes once I am satisfied that you have reached reach a proficient standard – a discount to the lesson price may be available.

Do I get anything for free?
Yes once you have passed your driving test if you have paid for and taken a minimum of 20 hours tuition with Pass with Paul Driving School you will be able to claim a Motorway Induction Lesson for free. Normal price £47 .

Can I get a discount on the lesson price?
Yes, prepay for 6 hours or if you are a full time student prepay for 5 hours - the individual lessons can be arranged flexibly.

Do I really need to bother with buying a Highway Code Book?
You do not necessarily need to buy a Highway Code but you do need access to one and you do need to read and understand the Highway Code.

When do I first get to drive on the road (not on a car park)?
During your first lesson providing it is of 2 hours duration.

How long will it take me to reach the test standard of driving?
On average most people require 45-50 hours of driving under professional tuition - although this can vary from one individual to another.

When I have passed my driving test how can I best equip myself to drive on a motorway safely?
I recommend that you take a two hour motorway induction lesson .

What is best time of day for my first lesson?
Due to the volumes of traffic on the roads ideally you should try to take your first lesson between the hours of 9.00am and 2.00pm.

How much time should I book for my first lesson?
You should allow 2 hours for your first lesson to enable you to familiarise yourself with the vehicle and gain some actual driving experience.

When can I apply for my theory test?
From the valid date of the licence.

When can I apply for my licence?
You can apply for a driving licence from up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. It should arrive within 3 weeks.


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