Motorway Driving

Well you’ve passed your test and now you can drive anywhere, however if you live in the Redditch area you can’t really reasonably travel very far without using a motorway. No matter how good your driving and no matter who taught you to drive you haven’t experienced motorway driving before and it will feel very different.

The signs are different, everyone is moving faster and there is not much time to make decisions, and there are more lanes than you are used to.

Or maybe you haven’t just passed your test, you have been driving for years but you just don’t feel confident about Motorway Driving. Many men and ladies that I know around Redditch tell me things have changed so much since they were Learning to Drive that they now lack confidence and travel miles out of their way to try to avoid driving on motorway.

Yet many articles we read suggest that travelling on Motorways is safer than other roads.

  • What do you know about active traffic management?
  • When can you use the hard shoulder?
  • Which lane should you use and when?
These are just a few questions you might now have.

Why not book a Motorway Driving lesson with Pass with Paul?

I will spend two hours giving you practical experience and tuition on local motorways in your own car or mine and you in turn will enhance your driving skills giving you the confidence to go anywhere and safely cope with other road users and unexpected situations.

One-to-One tuition with only one pupil in the car at a time

At Pass with Paul we prefer Students to receive individual lessons tailored to their particular skills to enable them to make the best progress.

Whilst some students find learning to drive comes naturally to them some people find new experiences difficult and are more comfortable taking things slowly. At Pass with Paul every one of our student is important to us, we will ensure that your progress is tailored to your needs.

You can see our Competitive Costs here

Phone or email me for further details

Mock Tests

Once you reach test standard we can incorporate ’mock tests’ into your lessons to enable you to know what to expect on the day and to boost your confidence.

We will cover likely Examination Routes so that you can familiarise yourself and do this under test conditions so that you will know what to expect from the DSA Examiner .

Don’t forget you will need to have passed your Theory Test before you can apply for your Practical Test.